Types of Sickness

Ibn Qayyim in "Medicine of the Prophet" advises that there are two types of sickness:

  • sickness of the heart
  • sickness of the body


The two Sicknesses of the heart

  • uncertainty and doubt
  • desire and temptation


The three Rules of bodily medicine

  • preservation of health - for example, you can break the fast when ill or travelling
  • expulsion of harmful substances - for example, you can shave the head whilst in a state of Ihram when sick or having an ailment of the head*
  • protection from harm -  you can wash with earth instead of water when sick



Ten things which if blocked or restrained cause harm

*Ibn Qayyim says, "[Allah] drew attention to the least significant - the vapour congested in the head - to indicate the importance of evacuating what is more serious. Such is the method of the Qur'an: to give instruction about the greater, through mentioning the lesser."  These are:

  • blood when it is agitated
  • semen when it is moving
  • urine
  • wind
  • vomiting
  • sneezing
  • sleep
  • hunger
  • thirst