Ibn Qayyim in "Medicine of the Prophet" said, "As for cumin there is a difference of opinion concerning its nature. Umar bin Bakr As-Saksaki, for instance, said that cumin is either honey or butter extract. Another opinion suggests that cumin is a seed that resembles the Kammon (cumin), as Ibn AI-Arabi has asserted. The fourth and fifth opinions suggest that cumin is the Persian cumin or fennel, according to Abu Hanifah Ad-Daynoori. The sixth opinion suggests that it is the Shibitt (dill), and the seventh opinion suggests that it is the date, according to Abu Bakr bin As-Sunni, the eighth opinion suggests that it is honey that exists in butter-skin, according to Abdul-Latit Al-Baghdadi. Some doctors stated that the last meaning is the most probable. In this case, the Cumin is prepared by blending senna powder with some honey mixed with ghee, as this is better than taking the senna by itself. Then one licks the mixture that contains the senna, as in this case the senna taste will be made milder, because of the honey and butter, which will assist the laxative power of the senna. Allah knows best.”