Ibn Qayyim in "Medicine of the Prophet" said,

"[We are required] to seek and take the appropriate medicine, while indicating that this action does not contradict dependence on Allah alone for everything.

"Just as one satisfying his hunger, thirst or reacts to being hot or cold does not contradict the dependence on Allah.

"On the contrary, the belief in the Oneness of Allah can only be complete by pacifying and responding to the various harmful elements in the manner and method that Allah has commanded and that which will help in such cases.

"Furthermore, refraining from using these cures or antidotes is, in fact, contradictory to total dependence on Allah, along with contradicting the His Commandments and the Wisdom.

"Not using these cures will weaken reliance and dependence on Allah even though the person might be thinking that he is strengthening his reliance and dependence by abandoning seeking the cure.

"Abandoning the cure is in fact contradictory to the true reliance and dependence, in that, reliance and dependence in essence includes the heart relying on Allah in acquiring what benefits him in his life and his religious affairs, while fending off what harms his life and religion.

"The correct method of reliance and dependence includes seeking these benefits for the slave; otherwise one will not be implementing the Commandments and the Wisdom.

"[We] should not call [our] inability, dependence on Allah, nor consider [our] true reliance and dependence as an inability.”