Ibn Qayyim in "Medicine of the Prophet" said, "…the milk of the camel contains power to cleanse and soften, it is diuretic and emollient and opens obstructions …” and he said, quoting Al-Razi, “…milk of camels cures pains of the liver and corruption of the temperament.”

As-Suyuti in "Medicine of the Prophet" said that, "Said al-Shafi'i: There are three things which are a medicine of medicines: grapes, the milk of the she-camel three months delivered, and sugar-cane.”

As-Suyuti also said, “The milk of a camel is more glistening and less fatty and more inclined to cause loose stools. It does not curdle in the stomach. It is very good for sufferers from gastritis due to weakness of the liver.”

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