As-Suyuti in "Medicine of the Prophet" said, "Rice is the most nourishing of grainfood after wheat and excellent in temperament. Some say it is hot and dry, others say cold and dry. It is binding for the bowels, but if cooked with milk is less constipating. If taken with sugar, it will dissolve swellings. Rice makes the body fertile and produces more semen. To eat of it causes pleasant dreams. Fine rice with the fat of sheeps’ kidneys is better than a large purge. This is a medical secret.

As-Suyuti also said, "There is a traditional saying that runs: The Master of your food is meat and rice comes second."

As-Suyuti also said, "From ‘Ayesha comes an apochryphal tradition: Rice has curative powers and contains no sickness within it.” Ibn Qayyim, however, in "Medicine of the Prophet" said that, “there are two spurious hadith [one of which is] ‘everything which the earth brings forth has both illness and healing, except rice; for it contains healing and no illness’. We have mentioned these simply to draw attention to them and give warning that they should not be attributed to [the Prophet, peace be upon him]”.

Ibn Qayyim also says that rice is hot and dry and that it, “gently firms the belly, it strengthens and tans the stomach and remains in it. The Physicians ofIndia claim that it is the most excellent and beneficial of foodstuffs when cooked with cow’s milk. It has an effect on fertility of the body and increases semen; it contains plenty of nourishment, and cleanses the complexion.”

Chishti in "The Traditional Healers Handbook" recommends basmati rice.