Myrtle - Rayhan - as been prescribed for fever and pain by ancient physicians for millenia.

Ibn Qayyim in "Medicine of the Prophet" 

Some of the many things Ibn Qayyim said about myrtle was

  • Myrtle is cold in the first degree and dry in the second degree. Yet, it is a compound of several qualities, most of which consist of earthly cold essence.
  • It consists of a soft, hot substance.
  • Myrtle dries the head nicely and is effective as a constipating agent. Myrtle prevents bile diarrhoea and dissipates hot and wet vapour when one smells its scent.


As-Suyuti in "Medicine of the Prophet" 

Some of the many things As-Suyuti said about myrtle was

  • Myrtle is cold and dry in the second degree.
  • It cuts short diarrhoea.
  • The smelling of it soothes a hot headache as does the powder when used as a plaster upon ulcers and spots.
  • Said the Prophet, peace be upon him,: If anyone offers you myrtle as a present, do not refuse it. It is from Heaven. But it should not be used as a tooth-pick.
  • Said Ibn "Abbas: When the Prophet Noah descended from the Ark, the first thing that he planted was myrtle.
  • And again from the same author: Adam departed from Paradise with three things — myrtle which is the queen of all sweet smelling bushes in the world, compressed dates which are mistress of all the dates of the world, and a stalk of corn which is mistress of the food of the world. This tradition is related by Abu Nu'aim.

Chishti in "The Traditional Healers Handbook" 

Chishti advises using myrtle for chronic bronchitis, gonorrhoea, uterine inflammation and discharge, rheumatism, as an incense to purify the air, when cooked used as a hair dye.

In the UK, myrtle is available from, amongst others, Baldwins.  Note precautions.