Ibn Qayyim in "Medicine of the Prophet" said that there is difference of opinion whether dates are hot and moist or hot and dry.

As-Suyuti in "Medicine of the Prophet" said, "Dates are hot and dry. They increase sexual power, especially if combined with kernels of pine seeds. But if a man eats them while suffering from ophthalmia, he will suffer from headache and other harm. The Prophet forbade ‘Ali to eat dates when he was suffering from ophthalmia”.

As-Suyuti also said

  • “Fresh Dates are hot and moist. They generate wind. They rectify a hot constitution when combined with an oxymel or with bitter pomegranates.
  • Al-Bukhari has classified Ajwa dates as a wonder drug.
  • There is universal agreement that the use of medicine is lawful. Some are of the opinion that it is desirable to make use of drugs because of the well-known saying of the Prophet: Use medicine. And also because he himself used to take medicine both in health and in sickness. When in good health he used to use dates, pumpkins and water melons.
  • Said Ja‘far bin Mohamed, having heard the story from his father: Someone presented the Prophet with a packet of dates at a time when someone had had fever. The Prophet gave him one date, then another and another until he had allowed him to eat seven. Then he said: That is enough for you. This he did because there is in dates a something which harms people with fever and brings upon them headaches and thirst. But if they take only a few, this harm does not come upon them.
  • If one of your women has given birth to a child, see that the first thing that she eats be fresh and moist dates, for verily there is no food better. For Mary ate these when she brought forth Jesus.
  • The Prophet said: Let your women-folk eat dates, for whoever makes dates their food will produce sons with ease.”