Asthma is a very challenging, chronic lung disease and globally the number of sufferers is increasing.  The Unani Tibb Medicine approach to asthma is, as in other areas, different to allopathic medicine.

The Ibn Sina Tibb Institute identifies three main types of asthma: allergic asthma (breathing difficulties; itchy and red watery eyes; allergic rhinitis with post-nasal drip), phlegmatic asthma (coughing; wheezing; a feeling of tightness in the chest; difficulty in breathing), and melancholic asthma (marked breathing difficulty; mucus or phlegm expectorant is absent; coughing is rare). These are hot, cold and moist, cold and dry, respectively.

The National Health Portal of India says, “Asthma is described with different names in Unani literature as Rabu, Buhar, Zeeq-al- nafas, Dama and Intesab- al- nafas.” and provides useful advice on preventative measures, single and compound medications within the Tibb tradition.

A 2014 report discussed the link between balghami (cold and dry) temperaments, obesity and asthma.

Early treatment for asthma is always highly recommended.