One of the Latin names (there are variants of cardamom) is amomum cardamomum. In Arabic, it is habbu al-hal, in Urdu it is elaichi.

“The main medicinal use is for indigestion.” (Robert Thomson, in “The Grosset Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” (1980))

In TCM it is Sha Ren (Fructus Amomi). Black Cardamom is Yi Zhi Ren (Fructus Oxyphyllae). “[Sha Ren is] acrid, warm, aromatic … [inter alia] strengthens the stomach …” (Dan Bensky and Andrew Gamble, in “Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica”)

Cardamom [Elattaria cardamomum] is an “aromatic and carminative, stimulating digestive tonic.” according to Menzies-Trull in "The Herbalist's Prescriber".

David Hoffman has it as a “carminative, sialagogue [promotes saliva], orexigenic [appetite stimulant], aromatic … used to treat flatulent dyspepsia … griping pains … stimulate the appetite.” (“The New Holistic Herbal”).