A September 2019 study of Irish Adults by Trinity College Dublin found that,

  1. "While sleep duration is not recognised as a public health concern, this research highlights an important subset of Irish adults who are not meeting the recommended guidelines for sleep duration and are at increased risk of negative health outcomes.

  2. “Awareness of the impact of sub-optimal sleep duration and factors potentially driving these patterns, particularly those which are modifiable, is important. Addressing the underlying causes of undesirable sleep patterns may help to facilitate improvements in the health and wellbeing of our older population."

  3. "Sleep duration is an important contributor to physical and mental health. There are a number of behaviours which if changed, can improve sleep quality and duration. These apply to all age groups but particularly mature adults, almost one third of whom experience impaired sleep duration according to our recent data.

  4. “Awareness of medications which change sleep quality and duration and change in 'habits before bed' can help to regulate sleep duration and overall benefit physical and brain health."