These are some of the acupuncture points for excess phlegm (and other imbalances). The treatment takes four sessions, at weekly intervals. Core points, including the Four Gates, the Kidney Formula and Ying Tang, form the basis of the treatment with specific additional points in each weekly session:


Week One

Governing Vessel 26: inappropriate laughing or crying, irritability, fatigue, epilepsy.

Lung 11: epilepsy, sore throat, heat.

Spleen 1: disorientation, epilepsy.


Week Two

Pericardium 7: inflexible attitude, irritability, material desires, inordinate crying or laughing, lack of direction in life.

Bladder 62: headaches, epilepsy.

Governing Vessel 16: rigid tongue, lock jaw, loss of voice, headache.


Week Three

Stomach 7: lock jaw, neurological conditions.

Conception Vessel 24: weak, thin, body, deteriorating, nosebleeds.

Pericardium 8: paranoia, fever, sweats.


Week Four

Governing Vessel 23: phlegm, nasal congestion, poor vision, dizziness, Alzheimer’s.

Conception Vessel 1:  urinary and bowel leakages or obstructions, menstrual issues, prolapses. Because of it’s invasive nature, normally this point is replaced with Kidney 1.

Large Intestine 11: fever and vomiting.