I use the Chinese Medicine System of pulse diagnosis.  There are three pulses on the right hand and three on the left hand.   

Pulse diagnosis is the “Gold Standard” of diagnostic tools.

Avicenna, the father of Western Medicine, acknowledged the expertise of the Chinese Medicine system of pulse taking.  And, quoted Galen as saying, "For many years I was doubtful about clearly discerning the movement of contraction by touch, and I shelved, the question until such time as I should learn enough to fill the gap in my knowledge. After that, the doors of the pulse were opened to me. Whoever should study these things as I did will perceive that which I perceived [as it were, a brilliant light shining suddenly out from behind total darkness. Whoever allows these words to be true and not fabulous will benefit very greatly; despair will not touch him or frighten him from the pursuit of his study, even though he makes no progress for many years."]