In our experience, many health strategies should begin with elimination not supplementation or addition.

Often, it’s not doing more healthy things (like exercise), taking supplements or herbal medicine, or eating more nutritious food.  It’s about reducing or eliminating the unhealthy things (actions, things) first and before.

It’s possible that a supplement or herbal medicine that appears to be appropriate, added to an imbalanced body, can make things worse.   The elimination of unhealthy actions and things may well eliminate or reduce the problem to such an extent that specific supplements and herbal medicines, for example, are no longer necessary.

Breaking old (bad) habits [eliminating] is often harder than making new (good) ones.

It’s often surprising to find people willing to spend money on doing new (good) things rather than saving money by stopping doing old (bad) things.

More powerful than behavioural change, identity change can impact more quickly and effectively.  Saying, with conviction and sincerity, “I used to be a smoker”, even as you hold your cigarette, is one elimination strategy.  It’s eliminating two statements, “I am a smoker” and, “I smoke” [identity, behaviour] with one statement.