As-Suyuti, in “Medicine of the Prophet” [pbuh] said,

  • “Never toss down water with a single gulp, for a disease called al-Kabar is caused by such swallowing. Al-Bayhaqi explains that al-Kabar means ‘pain in the liver’ and ‘a single gulp’ means ‘swallowing by great gulps’.”

  • “Anas reports the tradition that the Prophet used to take three breaths with each drink and used to say that it thereby became more satisfying, more health-giving, and more thirst-quenching. Anas added: I also used to take three breaths in a similar manner. Muslim extracted this saying.”

  • “Abu Nu‘aim too reports the tradition that whenever the Prophet took a drink (Sharab), he would pause three times for breath, calling upon the name of God when he began and praising Him during the pause.”