“…Autumn ; the season when the weather is changeable and unsettled. [Autumn engenders bad humours, bilious and sanguineous (Rhazes).] A more liberal regimen is here needed, if health is to be preserved. Avoid: desiccant agents; sexual intercourse; drinking much cold water; cold shower baths ; sleeping in a cold place (cold enough to excite gooseflesh) ; retiring to sleep on a full stomach. It is advisable to protect oneself from the midday heat and the early morning cold breezes. Fruits are to be avoided, or at least taken only in small quantity [they supply bad chyme, and engender flatulencies (even figs and grapes do this) unless taken before food]. In bathing, only tepid water may be used. [Exercise should be moderate.] During the time of the autumnal equinoxes, evacuations should be procured in order to ensure that the excrementitious particles shall not be held back in the system all winter. Although for some persons it is better to see that the humours are kept "on the move," it is usually best they should keep in repose. As the age advances, emesis must no longer be procured in autumn lest fever should be encouraged to develop.”