Infection Control

Safety and hygiene standards are at the top of our list of priorities.  We know they are your priority too.

You will find a clean, hygienic environment. And we use single-use disposable cups and single-use, in-date, sterile Swann-Morton surgical scalpels using strict cross-infection control procedures. 

We dispose of clinical waste properly and in accordance with UK laws and regulations.


THE SERVICES - terms and conditions

(1)      The services provided, being Hijama Cupping (“the Services”), are provided by London Hijama Clinic Limited ("LHC") and no other company or individual

(2)      Whilst the Services have no major side effects and are traditional techniques that have been used for many centuries, there may be some minor side effects 

(3)      (a) there may be marks that will last for several days including the production of circular bruises or discolorations where the cups are applied, (b) there may be minimal discomfort due to the method of application of skin cuts, (c) other possible minor side effects are slight light-headedness after cupping, (d) this is similar to the sensation one feels after having had blood taken by a doctor, as cupping encourages blood flow to the cupped region (hyperaemia) and (e) one may, therefore, feel warmer and hotter as a result of vasodilatation (widening of blood vessels) taking place and slight sweating may occur but there is a sound scientific rationale for this and there is no cause for concern and

(4)      Observations made by LHC during the session, or before or after sessions, regarding nutrition, diet and exercise are made in good faith and with good intention and are simply pointers for clients to consult their GP and/or other medical advisers regarding changes in respect of those matters for their overall health and benefit.

Clients give permission, by way of a Consent Form signed at the start of the session, to LHC to provide the Services. This allows LHC to make small incisions on the surface of the client's skin and draw a small amount of toxic blood in accordance with the hijama cupping procedure embodied in the Services.  Clients remain fully responsible for this decision and do not hold the LHC liable for any injuries or other outcomes arising from provision of the Services.