A September 2019 study by Stanford University looked at strategies for encouraging healthy eating. The noted that, "Most strategies to date have focused on getting people to avoid unhealthy foods, in the hope that the promise of health motivates them to eat better …The problem is, that doesn't actually motivate most people to approach healthy foods."

Focusing on taste and flavour is a “…radically different from our current cultural approach to healthy eating which, by focusing on health to the neglect of taste, inadvertently instils the mindset that healthy eating is tasteless and depriving … And yet in retrospect it's like, of course, why haven't we been focusing on making healthy foods more delicious and indulgent all along?"

"This taste-forward approach isn't a trick … It's about leveraging the fundamental insight that our experiences with vegetables and other healthy foods are not objective or fixed but can transformed by changing how they are prepared and how they are described."